Love the Guides but not sure you have time to make them work for your family? Do you want to create a Daily Rhythm unique to your family values, culture and traditions? We as Mamas often feel spread thin. We’re well-read on all the benefits of a strong and healthy family rhythm but we’re not sure where to begin and how to make the changes.

Meagan will work with you to create a Personalized Daily Rhythm tailored to suit your family. One that empowers you to take clear and actionable steps to manifest your ideal family rhythm and one that sets you on a path of more intention, connection and clarity.

The personalized ‘Return to Rhythm Bundle’ is an opportunity for you to work with Meagan closely- observing and reflecting on your current daily rhythm and focusing on making small, do-able, but meaningful changes according to your family values and unique schedule.

Through the course of One Month you will:
  • Fill out a detailed Questionnaire that records the day-to-day details of your current daily rhythm and which identifies the key areas you are struggling with
  • Join Meagan for three 30 minute Zoom Video Calls: an opportunity to discuss intentions, hopes and get all the details Meagan needs to fine tune your Personalized Daily Rhythm (90 minutes in total)
  • Receive a PDF copy of the The Return to Rhythm Guide
  • Receive a Personalized Daily Rhythm for this season based on your children’s ages, developmental needs, family values, schedules and vision.

Inspired to dive deeper and Return to a Rhythm

 that it is nourishing, supportive and aligned with your family values?

Schedule your FREE 15 minute Rhythm Refresh Phone Call today.