Unplug Childhood Training

Do you often feel guilt for using screens as a babysitter so you can be more productive and get a little peace and quiet?

When you add up the TV shows, iPAD games and glances here and there at your own iPhone videos and apps throughout the day, do you think your child is watching more than the maximum recommended 1 hour of daily screentime?*

Do you notice that it is more difficult for your child to settle back into independent play, that he or she is more whiney and agitated after having screen-time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Unplug Childhood Training is going to be a life changer for you and your beautiful family.

Too much time in front of screens can be detrimental to a young child’s physical, emotional and cognitive development.

I’m passionate about giving the gift of an Unplugged Childhood to our children but I also acknowledge that in this day and age it can be anything but easy. That is why I have put together this 5-day email training to help you and your family DETACH from the screens distracting you from what means the most.

"During the screen-free week my children have barely even noticed the absence of the television. And I was able to be more intentional in the planning and executing of our daily/weekly rhythm together. We are able to connect more deeply in a screen-free environment."

– Leah

In this training you will learn:

  • To clearly identify why you use screens, what screen-time can be cut out and which screen-time you want to keep in your family rhythm (if any).

  • How to inspire your children to play independently without you or a screen.

  • How to acknowledge your child’s feelings without giving into your screen boundaries.

  • What to use instead of a screen for those moments you all really do need some quiet time.

  • How to impose boundaries on your own screen use so that you are modeling for your children the same restraints that you are expecting from them.

I'm Interested!

Hello, I’m Meagan, mother to 4 children ages 9, 7, 4 and 3.

Our family has been screen-free (except for an occasional movie night, airplane rides and in sickness) for almost a decade now, and it's transformed the way we interact as a family and individually!

Of course screens aren’t all bad – this screen is connecting you and I this very moment, but there is overwhelming evidence that children today are exposed to too much, too often and too soon.

A media detox can give us greater clarity and awareness and inform our future decisions about screen use in our family, empowering us to make future decisions based not out of momentary desperation but on a solid understanding of our family values.





"As tempers inevitably begin to flair throughout certain parts of the day our go-to quick fix would previously have been some screen time - an outlet for five seconds of peace where the babes are not screaming at each other. But without a TV we are forced to be so much more conscious of alternative ways that we can try and diffuse heightened emotions without relying on a television program for distractions sake."

– Anna

At the end of the training you will feel confident that you can maintain more balance and a much healthier relationship with screens in your home.

To help you along the way, you'll receive:

A daily email with support and suggestions

Journaling worksheets to help you prepare for the change



Activities to help replace screens



Access to our private FB circle of supportive, like-minded mothers striving to connect with their children in wholehearted ways just like you.

Exclusive bonus sales on other Whole Family Rhythms products that will inspire and support you to connect to the rhythm of your home and your own unique family values.

The more time your children spend without screens to entertain them the more creatively and confidently they will play independently.

Purchase the Training to get everything you need to create and sustain an Unplugged Childhood for your young children.

"Usually I sit with my tablet at mealtimes with her catching up on email and Instagram but now I have started sitting and eating sans all devices. It is so worthwhile, I wish I’d started sooner! I am able to enjoy my food, communicate more with daughter, and just enjoy some peace."

– Kate

*(for 2-5 year olds) as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Canadian Paediatric Society