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In the Kitchen : Chocolate Mud Pudding

Spring is almost here…at least the very muddy signs of it! We haven’t seen the first buds appear where we are yet, but my children are certainly enjoying the spring thaw and all the mud pies that come with it.

In the Whole Family Rhythms Spring Guide I share a delicious and wholesome recipe for Avocado Chocolate Pudding. Today I thought I’d share it for you to enjoy with your little ones.

Chocolate Mud


3-4 ripe avocados

4 TBS cocoa OR cacao powder

6 TBS maple syrup OR honey

1 tsp vanilla OR a pinch of vanilla bean powder

Let’s Begin

Remove peels and pits from avocados

Place all ingredients in a food processor or high speed blender

Blend until smooth

Serve with berries or a few chocolate chips on top

Enjoy and Happy Springtime to you all!


In the Kitchen : Pumpkin Pear Soup

pumpsoupThis Pumpkin Pear Soup is a delicious and warming meal on its own or paired with a salad or homemade spelt rolls. It is also a wonderful recipe for the whole family to make together.

Very young children can cut a soft, ripe pear with a blunt knife and add a dash of cinnamon to the pot (be careful that they don’t inhale or try to eat the dry cinnamon!).

Older children can help peel and cut the butternut pumpkin and use the can opener to open the coconut milk.

All the children can help to knead dough if you’re making rolls, spin the salad if you’re serving and set the table.



1/2 onion or leek, diced

coconut oil

dash of dried cinnamon and dash of dried cumin

1 butternet squash, peeled and cut into large cubes

1-2 ripe pears

1.5 L stock (homemade bone or vegetable)

salt and pepper to taste

1 can of coconut milk

Let’s Begin

Put the coconut oil in a pot and add the onion or leek and cinnamon and cumin.

Fry until fragrant and the onion is soft.

Add the squash pieces and pear and stir to coat in spices.

Add the stock and more water if needed to *just* cover the squash/pear.

Let this simmer until the squash is cooked through and soft.

Puree with a hand blender or in a food processor until smooth.

Add salt and pepper to taste and serve with 1-2 TBS of coconut milk in each bowl.




In the Kitchen : A Smoothie to Start


IMG_4605Since daylight savings began, three of my four kids get up early every. single. day. I mean 5 – 5:15 early!

And I am guessing many of you can relate.

5:30 or even 6 is just too early for anyone to be sitting down and eating a great big warm breakfast and even if they did, they’d be hungry again by 8! But those tummies need something while they wait for their sister (bless that little sleepy head!) to wake up at 6:30 or 7, and so, a change in rhythm was called for. And this particular change is what we are fondly calling, smoothie to start!‘.

We have been starting each day with a juice or smoothie- right now the favourite is a combination of frozen banana, strawberries, cos lettuce, parsley and coconut water (even the one-year-old loves it!) and then after the morning chores have been done (feeding the chickens, watering the garden, getting dressed, making beds), then we all gather around the table for a proper warm breakfast.

It’s a tiny part of our day, but it’s all about making little tweaks and changes to your rhythm when something just isn’t working. Since starting I’ve actually noticed they’re all eating more of their breakfast- they’re truly ready and hungry by 7:30 and of course, I’m a happy Mama because they’re getting their greens with no complaints.

Have you changed something about your family rhythm since the seasons have shifted? We’d love to hear and learn from your experience.

How do you tweak and change aspects of your day to help things move and flow?

In the Kitchen : Warm Breakfasts on the Go

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