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Whether you want to talk about creating meaningful family traditions or you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of losing your cool and then feeling guilty about it… talking to someone about your parenting vision can be transformational. Through one-on-one coaching I am able to serve you in a deeper way – tapping into your own unique needs and circumstances. To read more and set up a call, click here



Product Description

What You'll Get

When you work with me we will focus our time and attention on the specific challenge you want to address and create a conscious and connected plan of action that is in alignment with your parenting paradigm.

What You Won't Get

Although I am grounded in Waldorf principles, a certified family coach, experienced with working with families and maintain high ethical standards, I am not a therapist or counselor. I am not able to diagnose, treat or offer any clinical recommendations for you or your children. If you’re suffering from depression, PPD, severe anxiety, extreme marital issues or your children have any abnormal behavioral or health issues please seek professional clinical help.

How Coaching Works

We will take an hour to discuss anything that you're struggling with at the moment. Prior to the call you’ll fill out my questionnaire so you and I can both come prepared. Sessions are available on a first come, first serve basis and I generally only work with 2-3 individuals each month. Once we start I will be there to whole-heartedly listen and oftentimes I am able to offer some suggestions that may reframe the challenge you're having which in turn will give you a fresher perspective from which to approach it with.   Please note: Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to an appointment and rescheduled. Last minute cancellations will try to be accommodated and rescheduled but at Meagan’s discretion. No refunds available for any purchases made. You are responsible for working out the time difference if you are in a different time zone than Meagan (EST.


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