Whole Family Traditions


Mindfully choose and celebrate meaningful traditions that are authentic to you and your unique family values. This Guide specifically covers universal holidays and traditions in November, December and January. See the description below for more details.

Product Description

All Guides are digital purchases and are sent directly to your inbox in PDF format after purchase. Creating a meaningful and conscious holiday season that is in line with your family values can be challenging for the current generation of parents. There are many of us who do not hold strong religious beliefs or adhere to many of the rituals our Grandparents did, but who would still like to retain a strong sense of family spirituality, gratitude and reverence in connection with the holiday season. Here at Whole Family Rhythms, we believe it is our human responsibility to make a real and daily effort to walk in the footsteps of others. An interfaith dialogue is essential to this process.     Although the purpose of this Guide is to help you and your family find and create meaningful traditions that are authentic to you, it is my hope that it also promotes acceptance and can help to shed light on how others choose to pass their values down from generation to generation.

Whole Family Traditions includes:

  • A printable Family Values Worksheet including guidance and advice on how to identify your family values
  • A multi-denominational chart listing holidays, festivals and celebrations celebrated in November, December and January including a list of the values associated with each tradition and the ways which people may choose to celebrate
  • A printable blank version of the above chart for you to use to gain clarity on what you and your family want to celebrate and why
  • A Holiday Vision Board to help you gain even more clarity about what you want to celebrate, the values associated with that holiday, as well as ideas on how you'd like to create an authentic family celebration
  • Printable monthly calendars for November, December and January
  • Some thoughts on gift giving, keeping things simple, minimal and meaningful
  • An editable and printable Gift List chart including columns for the receiver's name, their likes, gift ideas, timeframe to prepare or gather gifts and any other notes
  • An editable and printable Feast Planning Chart including columns for the menu ( including reminders of special dietary restrictions), ingredients needed, when to shop and prep and where to find the recipe.
  • Some thoughts on making the holidays meaningful and magic for your children
  • An Interfaith and multi-denomination list of Book Recommendations for parents and children
*All charts and forms can be edited on your computer and printed OR printed blank and filled out by hand. *Please note this Guide is inclusive of many religions and traditions, therefore it does not dive into great detail about how traditional Waldorf/Christian/Pagan festivals are celebrated through this season, although it offers many suggestions and ideas to inspire you. Please see sample pages for examples.


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