Whole Family Rhythms 3 in 1 Spring Bundle

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Every Spring-themed Guide in one bundle including the Whole Family Rhythms Spring Guide, Whole Family Herbs and Whole Family Easter plus two bonus downloads.

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Product Description

These are eGuides. Digital Purchase Only. The guides and resources will be sent directly to your inbox in PDF format after purchase. The Whole Family Rhythms Spring Bundle features all the beloved Spring Guides in one bundle (10% less than if you buy them separately):
  • Whole Family Rhythms Spring Guide (Northern Hemisphere only) : The Guides are designed to help you plan, create and animate a peaceful, balanced and holistic rhythm in your home, flowing between structured, adult-led activities and child-led, imaginative free play.
  • Whole Family Herbs : This Guide contains over 40 pages to inspire you to create a Family Herb Garden no matter where you live. Urban and Rural families alike learn how to sow, grow, harvest and prepare herbs that are especially nourishing and supportive for young children.
  • Whole Family Easter : Everything you need to help you create a magical, meaningful and connected Easter Tradition in your home that is unique to your family values.
  • Spring Calendars and
  • Seasonal Mealtime Blessings


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