#ourfamilyrhythm Printables Bundle (Northern Hemisphere)

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Over 20 pages of printable PDFS to help you create and animate your very own Family Rhythm in a beautiful watercolour theme.
These printable worksheets and calendars are the perfect compliment to your Seasonal Guides or simply use them to inspire and organize your own family rhythm. There are no number dates written on any of the calendars so you can print and use them perpetually at your leisure.
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Product Description

Perpetual Monthly Calendars
  • 12 perpetual monthly calendars
Perpetual Week at a Glance Printable
  • with space for To Dos, Priorities, Shopping, Notes and Looking Forward to Next Week
4 Seasonal Vision Boards cut into quarters where you can write down:
  • holidays you would like to celebrate
  • crafts, recipes or project ideas your would like to create
  • activities you want to do as a family together
  • chores or cleaning you would like to do
  • ideas for inner work, charity work or other service you would like to participate in
Horizontal and Vertical Menu Planners including space for
  • 'Snacks', 'To Make This Week' and a space for your 'Weekly Shopping List'
Theme of the Week Printable cards
  • choose 3-7 of the cards and place a different day of the week on each one.
  • create a visual planner to tape to your fridge or place the activity card of the Day in a special spot each day. in this way, your young children (pre-readers) will know what is planned for the day.
The Daily Rhythm Watercolour Printable in two styles:
  • one for printing and filling out by hand and
  • one to fill out on your computer and then print
  • includes the details of your Daily Rhythm hour by hour
** Please note these PDF downloads do not come with instructions and are meant to complement the Seasonal Guides. For more information on how to create and plan your family Rhythm purchase your Seasonal Guides here and follow #ourfamilyrhythm on Instagram.


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