Vision & Values

At Whole Family Rhythms, our vision is to connect and inspire parents, carers and communities with each other so that they feel empowered to raise children who are wholly connected with themSelves (head, heart and hands), to the Earth and to their Higher Purpose.

We believe strongly that our unique Family Values should and can inform our daily lives and that living authentically aligned with these values models them for our children.

We value, respect and aim to enhance both our diversity as a community and our common threads through active listening, empathy, understanding and compassion.

We are especially interested in renewing Waldorf and Anthroposophical principles and festivals so that every family, regardless of racial identification, ancestry, nationality, native language, socioeconomic background, family structure, age, belief system, gender identity, gender expression, sexual identity, ability, appearance, occupation, and political affiliation feels that they are a valued and essential part of this community.

We are always looking for contributors who share this vision and these values. Click here for more information.