The Guides

Whole Family Rhythms are seasonal eGuides for Mamas (or carers) who have young children at home and who are yearning to slow down, create and connect with the rhythm of their days together.

The Guides are designed to help you plan, create and animate a peaceful, balanced and holistic rhythm in your home, flowing between structured, adult-led activities and child-led, imaginative free play.

Each Guide contains a seasonally inspired early childhood curriculum (or rhythm) complete with ingredients and supplies master lists; early childhood stories and fingerplays and detailed directions for daily themes such as whole foods baking & cooking, watercolour painting, beeswax & salt dough modelling, drawing, crafting and hiking.


The Guides also contain weekly mindfulness meditations for mothers or carers, simple monthly handwork patterns, as well as seasonal nursery rhyme and picture book recommendations.

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*All guides are in downloadable pdf format and delivered directly to your inbox after purchase


Daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms are the anchors that provide security and happiness to your child. With a strong daily rhythm a child knows what to expect and what is expected. With rhythm, simple daily activities (chores, self-care, mealtimes) become habits instead of arguments. In the early years especially, daily rhythm should revolve around food, sleep and unstructured play both indoors and outdoors.

A balanced and flowing daily rhythm includes both ‘in breaths’ and ‘out breaths’ – times for contraction and expansion.

Expansive activities include free unstructured play, outside play or hiking. Inward activities include mealtimes, sleeptimes, storytime or a daily activity such as drawing, painting or crafting.

Seasonal rhythms, festivals and celebrations inform children about the ever-changing landscape in which we live. When we celebrate seasonal rhythms within the home we are creating traditions and rituals that mirror, compliment and illuminate what is happening in our natural environment.

Rhythms are not meant to be followed militantly but they do require perseverance, dedication and sometimes sacrifice from the caregiver in order be maintained and observed with consistency and respect.

Every family is totally and completely unique and so is every family’s daily rhythm.

Are The Guides for me?

  • Are you a stay-at-home Mama striving to breathe more space, harmony, peace and simplicity into your days?
  • Do you need help organising, structuring and planning your days with young children at home?
  • Are you a working Mama who wants to provide your child’s carer with a daily rhythm and curriculum?
  • Do you want to create a family culture that is inspired by your own unique family values and beliefs?
  • Do you value connection, creativity, playfulness, traditions, festivals, slow and simple living within your home?
  • Are you a family daycare facilitator who wants to offer a more natural, developmentally appropriate, alternative curriculum?
  • Do you want to demonstrate gentle, age-appropriate boundaries for your children, leading by example and action?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then The Guides are a beautiful fit for you and your family.

The Whole Family Rhythms Guides are designed to help you bring to life a magical, enriching and flowing rhythm unique to your family.

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