Pinecone Bird Feeders

Making bird feeders is such a lovely way to express and model our love for the animal kingdom and also provides a strong transition from a focused inside activity (in breath moment) to an outside activity (out breath moment).

Little hands love having the responsibility of spreading the lard or peanut butter onto the pinecones as well as the sensory experience of dipping them into the birdseed. This craft is wonderful for even the youngest of children because it is so forgiving and it is hard to make mistakes.



String or Twine

Lard or Peanut Butter

Bird Seed Mix

Butter Knife & Baking Sheet


Let’s Begin

Tie the string or twine around the pinecones in advance – it’s easier to do this now as opposed to when they are all sticky and seedy.

Arrange a bowl of lard or peanut butter in one bowl and the seed in another and have a baking sheet available to lay the finished feeders on.

Provide your child with the knife and demonstrate how to spread the lard or peanut butter onto the pine cone and then how to dip and spread the seed over top

Repeat until you have covered all the pinecones. You can make little seed balls for the squirrels or chipmunks (or possums!) with the left over seed and lard and leave them on ledges or on branches of trees.


*A craft similar to this one and many more like it can be found in the Whole Family Rhythms Winter Guide. Click here for the Southern Hemisphere Winter Guide and here for the Northern Hemisphere Winter Guide.


4 Responses to Pinecone Bird Feeders

  1. I can’t wait to set my daughter up for this… and string them in the trees. Thanks for your inspired work preserving natural, seasonal wonder!

  2. We loved doing this activity, but our seeds were eaten mostly by squirrels, and we found that all pine cones were completely ripped off the tree and stolen by greedy squirrels this morning.

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