Caregiver’s Meditations : June Week Two

Today I thought I’d share a snippet from the Whole Family Rhythms Summer Guide. At the end of each month in the guides are a set of Caregiver’s Meditations- one for each week. These are to be used however you see fit- strictly following them each day or simply keeping the concept or idea presented in your mind and creating simple intentions for the week with them. When I wrote the Guides this concept was a bit of an afterthought but I have received so much positive feedback about these meditations. I think this is because as Mothers and carers we are so quick to put everything and everyone else before ourselves and sometimes we need that extra reminder and push to prioritize and make just a little more space for our own thoughts, dreams, feelings and desires.

Wishing you a lovely summer with those you love if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and a warm and snug Winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere.

Wherever you are take care and be kind to yourselves dear Mamas.



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