In the Kitchen : Chocolate Mud Pudding

Spring is almost here…at least the very muddy signs of it! We haven’t seen the first buds appear where we are yet, but my children are certainly enjoying the spring thaw and all the mud pies that come with it.

In the Whole Family Rhythms Spring Guide I share a delicious and wholesome recipe for Avocado Chocolate Pudding. Today I thought I’d share it for you to enjoy with your little ones.

Chocolate Mud


3-4 ripe avocados

4 TBS cocoa OR cacao powder

6 TBS maple syrup OR honey

1 tsp vanilla OR a pinch of vanilla bean powder

Let’s Begin

Remove peels and pits from avocados

Place all ingredients in a food processor or high speed blender

Blend until smooth

Serve with berries or a few chocolate chips on top

Enjoy and Happy Springtime to you all!


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