Creating a List of Family Values


valuesI thought I’d share a growing and ever-changing list of our own family’s values. Of course what makes the world so beautiful is that no family is the same and no set of Family Values are the same either. For example, we are not particularly religious so there is very little in this list about God or Faith, but many families might have lots to say about that. At the bottom of the page you can download your own editable and printable List of Family Values. You can delete some (or all!) of mine, add your own, print and hang somewhere special to inspire and remind you of what you’re here for everyday.

Our Family Values

  • to love one another through thick and thin
  • to surround our children with what is beautiful, what is good and what is true.
  • to get outside everyday, to connect with and respect nature
  • to plant, to grow, to get dirty, to harvest
  • to be kind
  • to have respect, love, compassion and empathy for others and the planet
  • to share, be gracious, grateful and humble
  • to teach and lead by example – to be the change we wish to see
  • to be faithful, proud, honest and supportive of one another
  • to be passionate about learning, expanding and growing 
  • to read, read and read some more
  • to maintain a quiet, reflective, inward practice each day 
  • to surround ourselves with music, art and creativity
  • to educate ourselves about different countries, languages, religions, cultures and traditions 
  • to find beauty in all of our differences  

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    • Thanks Taryn!! Hope it can help you create a list of family values unique to you and your gorgeous family. I have been a long time fan of your gorgeous little shop. X Meagan.

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